We thank the people of Galveston County for their generous support and many book donations during our recovery from the Hurricane Ike flooding in 2008. We also thank Neil Sergi of Bookland in Spring, Texas who kindly donated most of our new shelving to us, and Half Price Books for their generous donation of shelving and store fixtures.

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Galveston Bookshop
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Vinyl LPs
  • Having seen Adaptation, we can no longer imagine what John Laroche looks like (Chris Cooper). Read the book first! ,
  • Buddy Kirk's band played at the Flagship but the LP was studio recorded, 1984. Cool memorabilia though. ,
  • We're open tomorrow on the 4th even though you guys will all be at the beach roasting weenies. We like ours on the burnt side. ,
  • In August we will have "Galveston's Broadway Cemeteries", the new book by Kathleen Maca! ,
  • We're looking forward to the release of Ellen's latest in the Jazz Age mystery series! ,