Our friend and Galveston resident Pat Jakobi is now offering her beautiful Galveston themed photo-cards at the store.  One of our favorites is this one of the bookshop:

Photo (c) by Pat Jakobi

The cards are all hand crafted and signed and sell for $3.00 each. Some more about Pat:

Pat Jakobi has been taking pictures of the natural and built environments around her for four decades but never thought about marketing her photos until she moved to Galveston in 1987. Since then she has been amazed at the diversity of opportunities for photography on the island and has amassed a portfolio that seldom requires her to wander more than a couple of miles from her home. She and her son, who is a wildflower photographer, have created a small business, Jakobi Photography, that sells photo cards and matted prints in Galveston and in Jefferson City, Missouri. The Galveston cards are available for sale at the Galveston Bookshop and at the monthly Market on the Strand. She currently has a blog, www.imagesofgalveston.com featuring photos and field notes from her local explorations.