Triple Book Signing November 22nd, 2014

Saturday, November 22nd is a busy day for Meet & Greets with two great coming-of-age novels and Galveston historical mystery.

Starting at 1:00 p.m. we have two authors, each with novels set in the South and focusing youthful journeys of discovery.

Lower Than the Angels
by Margaret Symmank

In the summer of 1954 a polio epidemic spreads fear and uncertainty among the residents of the small town of Rainey. The Platt family endures a season of hardships; a time when the youngest daughter, eleven-year-old Willa Platt, searches for her place in her family and in the wider world through a summer of life-changing relationships. When an elderly, ailing Aunt with a somewhat mysterious past and a young boy who befriends Willa both come to the quiet, little town of Rainey unexpectedly, she finds her world altered forever. Previously surrounded by a lifetime of love and security, Willa is awakened to the reality of loss and sorrow as unseen enemies invade her world; one that can take your life – another, much darker and more frightening – that can take your very soul. Before the summer ends, Willa finds herself wondering what God must be thinking in this – the worst, and the best summer of her life.

Pine Cones and Magnolia Blossoms
by JoAn Watson Martin

Two eleven-year-old girls, Sarah Sue, white, and Princetta, black, live in a South Alabama town, during World War II. Sarah Sue has no awareness of people living in difficult circumstances until she becomes friends with Princetta, the daughter of their black cook. Sarah Sue has the same intolerances of the times as she realizes it is not suitable to have a colored girl for a friend. Sarah Sue dares anything for fun, instigating escapades that get both girls into trouble. Tension mounts as prejudice and bigotry intrude on their lives. When Sarah Sue recognizes the skewed injustices, she feels compelled to question the status quo. Eventually she comes to know, “Not as much separates blacks and whites as we thought.”

Then at 3:00 p.m. we welcome back Ellen Collier with her roaring twenties Galveston mystery.

Gold Diggers, Gamblers and Guns
by Ellen Mansoor Collier

During Prohibition in 1920s Galveston, the Island was called the “Free State of Galveston” due to its lax laws and laissez faire attitude toward gambling, girls and bootlegging. Young society reporter Jasmine (Jazz) Cross longs to cover hard news, but she’s stuck between two clashing cultures: the world of gossip and glamour vs. gangsters and gamblers.

Gold Diggers, Gamblers and Guns is Ellen’s third book in the Jazz Age Mystery series, all featuring the plucky young journalist, Jasmine “Jazz” Cross, and all set in 1920s Galveston during Prohibition. Flappers, Flasks and Foul Play is the first in the series, followed by Bathing Beauties, Booze and Bullets.

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