Saturday, March 21st, 2020, 2:00 – 4:00 PM

A Palette for Love and Murder
by Saralyn Richard

Soft cover, $15.49


Galveston Bookshop will host a book signing on Saturday, March 21st, 2020, 2:00-4:00 p.m. for local author Saralyn Richard and the newest book in her murder mystery series.

In this riveting sequel to Murder in the One Percent, Detective Oliver Parrott delves into the art world of Brandywine Valley, where two valuable paintings have been stolen from the studio of the renowned artist, Blake Allmond. At first it seems like a routine property crime, but as soon as Parrott investigates, he discovers the Allmond family’s propensity for tragedy. When someone is murdered, it’s a game changer, and plowing through a family’s secrets leads the reader through a murder, a treasure hunt, and a slew of characters who may or may not be trustworthy. The glamour of the art world and the privilege of the wealthy landowners in Brandywine can’t protect them from trouble, but it takes Parrott to realize that there’s more to an artist’s palette than globs of paint. A Palette for Love and Murder has all the characteristics of a well-woven mystery, but with the additional layering of multi-dimensional characters and sometimes flawed relationships.

Once a teacher who wrote on the side, Saralyn Richard is now a writer who teaches on the side. Her children’s picture book, Naughty Nana, has reached thousands of children in five countries. Saralyn is a member of the International Thriller Writers and Mystery Writers of America. She lives in Galveston.