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Cotton’s Seafood: A Cajun Autobiographical Cookbook
by Jim LaBove
Soft cover, $24.95

Spanning five years of research, interviews, writing, and planning, “Cotton’s Seafood” is a cookbook like no other. Jim LaBove recounts the story of his childhood in the mid-20th Century, documenting an oft-overlooked segment of Cajun culture: Bayou Cajuns, the descendants of Acadian immigrants who settled in the marshy coasts of Southeast Texas and Southwest Louisiana.

The recipes cover a wide variety of authentic Cajun dishes from his mother, Cora, using the ingredients and methods available at the time to the people of this area. As you learn to cook gumbo, court-bouillon, peach cobbler, and much more, like a true Cajun, you will also learn about the rough but rewarding lifestyle that inspired the people who developed these dishes.

The book, named for the locally-renowned fishing and shrimping company that Mr. LaBove’s father founded in the early 20th century, is gorgeously illustrated with the author’s field sketches, contemporary photographs, and maps of bayou Cajun territory.