Saturday, December 13th, 1:00 – 3:00 p.m.


Murder Most Texan

True crime writer and Texas historian Bartee Haile joins us with his book of high profile Texas murder cases entitled Murder Most Texan, a collection detailing sixteen coldblooded killings from Lone Star history that have shocked and bewildered Texans for decades.

Texas has long boasted its iron fist of the law and strict treatment of its hardest criminals. Nevertheless, scoundrels, fiends and homicidal criminals inevitably slipped through the Lone Star justice system despite the best efforts of even the legendary Texas Rangers. From roadside murder to political assassinations, discover the seedy underbelly of Texas’ murderous past.

Bartee Haile is the author of This Week in Texas History, a syndicated column found in many local newspapers.

Saturday, December 13th, 3:00 – 5:00 p.m.


Ransom Island

The team of Texas writers collectively known as Miles Arceneaux join us with their new Gulf Coast thriller entitled Ransom Island.

It’s 1953 and life is good at Shady’s, the Sweetwater brothers’ fish camp, dancehall, and beer joint on Ransom Island. The biggest event in the island’s history is coming up—an integrated dance featuring Duke Ellington. It’s a daring idea for fifties-era Texas, and not everyone is happy about it. But interracial dancing soon becomes the least of the Sweetwaters’ problems, as Galveston mobsters track a runaway girl to Shady’s and decide the offbeat island is just the place to diversify their illegal rackets. And god help anyone who gets in their way.

Ransom Island is the third book featuring the Sweetwater brothers and the first to involve Galveston Island. The Sweetwater family history is rooted in the shrimping trade and the brothers all exude a salty, dockside charisma as they navigate their trials and misadventures with a cast of offbeat characters and seedy lowlifes.