See that pink spot on the side of Gus’ left eye? It’s turned out to be a problem.

It showed up a couple of weeks ago (late February 2014) and we got him in to see his regular vet, who advised us to seek the opinion of a cat ophthalmologist in Houston. We went last week and the doctor wanted to try a week of eye drops to treat inflammation as a possible cause, but sadly this had no beneficial effect.

Gus is scheduled to have the eye removed next Tuesday. They will insert a prosthetic into the eye socket and sew the lids shut. We will then get a biopsy and hopefully that will be the end of the problem. Gus will be overnight at the facility and home again the next day, though he may not resume his shop duties until some short time later. We don’t know yet if he will actually wear the black pirate eye patch we have selected for him.

We want all of Gus’ many fans to know that he is receiving the best possible care we can get him.

Update April 18, 2014

Recovering nicely.
Recovering nicely.

Gus got his stitches out on Wednesday and is very much himself again.