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Thank you for bringing in books for trade!

Galveston Bookshop is now under new management and we have made changes to our book trading policy, as follows:

No Credit Balances

We are no longer banking store credit on book trades, and effective immediately credit must be used at the time of the trade. Existing store credit in our system must be used by the end of August, 2020. After August 31st, 2020, all remaining store credit balances will be eliminated.

More Money For Your Books

The amount we pay for used books is going up, however there are new restrictions on the way credit is applied and what books the credit may be used on. We select books for credit based on condition and our inventory needs at the time. Items with noticeable amounts of wear or any kind of damage, stains or odors will be declined. We also do not take encyclopedias, Readers Digest condensed editions, non-specialty magazines.

The trade value you receive will be 1/2 the amount of our sale price. Pricing is done on a book-by-book basis, but generally the trade value for ordinary books in excellent condition is:

Mass market PB = $1.50-$2.50
Trade PB = $3.00
Hardbacks = $3.00-$5.00

50/50 Cash/Credit on Purchases

There are two restrictions on using your store credit:

1. Credit must be applied within the same genre. You can only use your credit on books from the same store category as the books we receive from you. For example, if you brought in mass market mysteries, your credit can only be applied to other mass market mysteries.

2. All credit purchases must be paid half in cash and half in credit.
For example, a mass market paperback that we will sell at $4.00 will get you $2.00 in trade credit. If you buy another $4.00 paperback, you’ll pay $2.00 in credit and $2.00 in cash. You cannot use trade credit to cover more than 50% of your purchase.

Reasons for the Changes

Most used bookstores that do trade-ins have policies similar to this. Businesses must take in some cash on each transaction as business operating expenses require cash flow. That said, we are always eager to make trades on good used books. The books you bring in become part of the inventory that keeps us running.

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