Why waste time on facebook when you could be looking at pictures of Gus?

Gus the book store cat: 2002-2015


Gus was found outside the store one day in early Summer, 2002. A sickly little stray about 2 months old, he was up in the fender well of a parked car and meowing for help. We took him in, nursed him back to health, and he’s been with us ever since.

Gus the Shop Cat

Watching the front door. Gus can hear the clinking of dog tags outside a good half block away. He keeps an eye out for pigeons and grackles and the sound of skateboard wheels on pavement always disturbs him.

Gus featured in Galveston Daily News

Galveston Daily News did a feature on Gus in their Sunday April 19, 2009 issue. He really likes yawning for photographers.

Gus photographed by Gina Popp

His sublime self as photographed by author Gina Popp when she did her book signing with us.


IMG_20140521_142149The skilled contortionist can fit in any box.

IMG_20140115_120829Ladder Cat hams it up in his favorite place: atop a ladder.


The best place to nap is on papers in front of computer monitors.

IMG_20140402_124103In Spring of 2014 Gus got a tumor in his left eye and it had to be removed.


May 2014, after eye surgery and getting back to his old self again.

IMG_20140821_144754Waiting to see the vet.

20141223_122405Gus thinks he’d make a pretty good Christmas gift too.

20140917_161544Somehow he calculated that would make a good pillow. #faceplant

IMG_20140111_135258Photo bombing author events: check. Poets Lynn Xu and Joshua Edwards were here for a reading and signing in January of 2014.

Gus died of cancer on June 25th, 2015 after serving his entire life as our bookshop cat, customer relations specialist, and greeter. He will be missed.

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Gus the bookstore cat. 2002-2015
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