Meet & Greet for May: Meet the Authors Saturday, May 11th, 2013

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Our fifth Monthly Meet & Greet is on May 11th. Each month we will feature a book discussion and signing with 2 or 3 Texas writers with an emphasis on emerging talent and first books.

This month’s gathering features a soul searching novel about a college history professor, and a memoir of a young girl’s life in a U.S. military family after World War II.

Saturday May 11th, 2013
2:00-4:00 p.m.

Meet this month’s guests:

Chasing SunlightChasing Sunlight
by Bart Hopkins, Jr.

A novel of love, midlife introspection, and philosophical ideas set in Galveston. Burke Dennison is a professor of history at a gulf coast college near Galveston whose students are reluctant to approach the subject of history from his many gaming and imaginative angles.

He is a quixotic spirit, tilting against personal demons and searching for truth in his own way. He is a man who does not always see things the way that others do, and that is both his curse and his story. This is a tale of life and love, ideas and truth and the way they do not always seem to mix.

“This is a novel in which Galveston could almost be seen as a main character,” explains Hopkins. “It is full of descriptions of the beach and other areas I grew up with. In contrast to the physical depictions of the island, the work itself is in large part a novel of ideas. What is truth? Love? Why are they important?”

The story itself concerns a middle-aged Galveston man searching for answers to some of these larger questions, and some of the smaller ones also. Like all searchers, he must leave home and take a journey, and while not far measured in miles, it turns out to be quite a journey indeed.

War ReadyWar Ready:
In My Father’s Shadow

by Mary Lou Darst

For young Mary Lou, life was an adventure. Her father served in the military, and she traveled the world with him and the rest of their family. His assignments took them to Alaska, Virginia, Japan, Texas, and Germany, as part of the US Army’s responsibilities in policing the world.

This candid memoir recounts her family’s life in new places and cultures following World War II. What was it like to be a child living in Japan seven years after the war? What was it like to be a thirteen-year-old living in Germany twelve years after the war? What was it like to grow up moving between cultures?

This is the story of one family bound to service in the military at a time when the world was being redefined. For a young girl, it was the adventure of a lifetime as she learned the secrets of finding her own way in that new world. Also included is her father’s diary, which offers up intimate and candid insight into the life of a typical soldier in a time of war. His entries describe his time serving aboard a battleship built for 800 soldiers-but carrying 6,000 to war. His tales-told from the perspective of a young soldier in southern England, Wales, and Scotland from 1943 to 1945-are glimpses into a life many will never know firsthand.

Join us in and meet the authors!

Upcoming event dates:

June: Saturday the 22nd
July: A double signing on the 27th.
August: Not yet scheduled.

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