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Parking Tip: Downtown Galveston / Strand

When using the parking kiosks downtown you should always check if your stall number has any time left on it before purchasing your parking. The person before you may have left early and you can use that time if any

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The Landing of Lafitte in Galveston

Illustration appearing on a section divider in The Cactus, 1927, the University of Texas annual.

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2013 Women’s Conference at Moody Gardens

Galveston Bookshop was pleased to assist in this year’s book signing events which featured keynote speaker Candace Bushnell, author of the Sex in the City books, and Michelle Cove, who writes about modern life and relationships. Candace Bushnell Michelle Cove

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Your Conscience is a Nuisance

From Rudyard Kipling’s An Interview With Mark Twain: … This naturally led to a discussion on conscience. Then said Mark Twain, and his words are mighty and to be remembered: “Your conscience is a nuisance. A conscience is like a

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Pier 19 After the Hurricane of 1915

From glass negatives provided by Bain News Service, courtesy of the Library of Congress at (George Grantham Bain Collection).

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Evolution of the Paragraph

So how did it come to be that paragraphs in books begin on a new line with an indent at the beginning? This practice in typesetting is so ubiquitous that it seems unlikely to ever have been any other way.

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Triple XXX Root Beer

In the 1920s, the Galveston Brewing Company retooled their beer operations to produce non-alcoholic soft drinks in response to Federal Prohibition law. A non-alcoholic beer called Galvo never caught on, but the Triple XXX root beer brand did, quickly becoming

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Great Storm Simulation at Coney Island

The odd wording in the caption of this old Galveston post card got us wondering what was going on. “Stupendous Reproduction of the Great Tidal Wave?” A little web searching turned up some research by Mr. Jeffrey Stanton, a Coney

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